What to do on a snow day

Megan Victor

Our school district is already working on it's seventh school day this year. So I've complied a list of awesome things your can do with your kids to keep them occupied for 15 minutes at a time.


Play Outside

By the time you get all of them bundled up in 14 layers of clothing and find each one a pair of gloves and hat and scarf, you've already burned 45 minutes! That was when they're cold and wet after playing outside for 15 minutes you can all go back inside and reward yourself with a snack. That hour went by quickly!

Make Playdough or Slime

These recipes are pretty easy and most of the time you already have the ingredients at home. (Score! No grocery trip!) It'll take 30 minutes to make the recipe and then they can play with it for 5 minutes, but it still kills some time.


Yes, it's another snow day. We all want to be back on our normal schedule. Give yourself 15 minutes to cry, heck let everyone cry! Then move on to the next activity.

Read A Book

Preferably to your kids, but if they're old enough to read by themselves (for extended periods of time) everyones can get a throw blanket and read. Setting the example of reading always makes them want to read more. 

Have a Jam Session

Find all the toy instruments and have a jam session. 15 minutes should be long enough for them to have fun and for you to not get a headache.

Have a Dance Party

This one is a win-win-win. One: you have an activity to do that keeps them busy. Two: it burns their little kid never ending energy, so they're a little tired. Three: it definitely counts as cardio.

Share your snow day go-to activities in the comments or on our instagram #MomModeSnowDay

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